5 ways to save money on cable TV and satellite!

Average Cable User pay over $700 A Year!

Cable and satellite bills are getting expensive. Despite this cable and satellite companies continue to do brisk business.  Some say they are actually nearing extinction with the advent of streaming devices and others. It will happen eventually, but at the present time, trying to save on your bills is the best thing to do.  There are plenty of ways to do this, getting free TV for example. However, there are others and surely you like to know them. <!–more–>

5 ways to reduce your cable TV monthly bills!

 1. Reduce number of channels

Premium cable and satellite connection offers about 200 of channels. It’s doubtful whether you watch half of them since most of them are infomercials. You are paying for channels you do not use at all. To save on bills, you can downgrade your premium package to basic package which will have the most popular channels. It is possible you’ll lose the movie channels. If they are that important to you, you can always acquire a free TV device. They allow you to watch free content using a streaming device. They are often cheap which means you save a lot of money.

2. Look out for promotions

It is natural business strategy for companies to come up with various incentives to attract more customers. There will be many forms of promotional offers particularly when competition is stiff. The promotions will come in various forms – reduced rates, hefty discounts on early payments, etc… You own provider will also offer one and there is no law that says you can’t avail of them even if you are a current customer. By simply keeping tabs on these promotions, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reduce your current rates.

0805-cable-tv-630x4203. Assess your current Usage

Like many of cable users, you probably have signed for a full-feature package. Do you really need them?  For example, do you really have to sign-up for a cable box in all you rooms as well as DVR function?  So assess your needs. If your guest room is seldom used, then there’s no sense putting a cable box in it, in the same that there’s no sense having DVR capacities for your school age child.  These features may not cost much, but you can easily around $100 a year by eliminating them.

4. Stream movies and TV shows

Streaming TV shows and movies but using an android tv is another effective way of saving money on cable and satellite services. Streaming devices are cheap and there are plenty to choose from. Magic DroidTV being one of the best on the market with the apple TV. These steaming devices provide a huge library of movies. And the great thing about them is that most of the movies that can be streamed from them are free. It’s a very cost effective solution to replace a cable membership that cost over $700 a year!

 5. Get Android TV

Another method of saving money from cable and satellite bills is to get an Android TV like the Magic DroidTV. If you are not familiar with it, it is a TV run on an Android operating system. It gives you TV the capacity to access the internet and all TV shows. It is the nearest thing to free TV because you only have to pay for it once and it’s cheap. Magicdroid TV, one of the best companies that provide android TV, charges a little less than $300 for a lifetime of use. Compare that to your cable or satellite services that charge around $70 a month, it’s obvious that you stand to save a lot of money.

Getting an Android TV which is the nearest thing to free TV is the best method.

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